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Wood Porch Columns Transform a Home's Exterior

Wood porch columns deteriorate over time. Rain on a west facing porch, leaky gutters, and strong storms allow water to seep through the wood causing a wet rot. You may notice that your paint is peeling, or your existing columns are cracking. Since you need to replace the columns anyway it’s time to pick the right type of wood and the right style to transform your home’s exterior.

Not All Wood Porch Columns are Created Equal

Begin by pressing a thin blade into your wooden porch column. If it goes in easily, and feels spongy, the wood is rotting.
Now, take a close look at your old columns. You may notice yours have been scrapped together with regular old 2x4s, and not pressure treated and KDAT (kiln dried after treatment) lumber.
This is an important distinction and a good opportunity to pick the right kind of wood going forward.
Pressure treated lumber and KDAT are better options than regular wood. Chemistry makes them rot resistant.
Pressure treated wood is designed to withstand the elements because it is impregnated with a copper rich preservative like Alkaline Copper (ACQ), Micronized Copper Azole (MCA), and Copper Azole (CA). Nowadays there are many pressure treatments that don’t contain chromium or arsenic. These chemicals help the wood resist fungus, microorganisms, termites, and even water for decades making your posts durable.
Pressure treated wood sometimes looks green due to the chemical reaction between the wood and preservatives. Even though the wood may be green, and you can install it around your home without worrying about pollutants. Just don’t burn the wood. Burning releases toxins that are bad for your health and the environment.
Some pressure treated lumber is also covered in a water-resistant coating which helps prevent warping. This type of wood feels damp when you touch it. It’s best to wait one to three months to let the wood dry out before applying a paint or stain.
All the wood products sold through S&L Spindles don’t require additional dry time because they have been kiln-dried after treatment, meaning the columns are dried in a kiln after the copper preservative has been applied. This makes the wood completely dry. You can paint or stain the columns right out of the box.

Column Styles

Once you’ve explored the best wood choices, it’s time to pick the column style to that works with your home’s existing architecture. The right column choice will add visual appeal to your home and make it charming. 

gazebo post or wood porch columnPlain post or wooden deck columnWood porch column called Colonial Porch postVictorian Porch Post or wood porch columnMost people don’t give columns a second thought but they’re small detail that can have a big visual impact. This architectural detail can be a defining element to your home’s exterior. Pick the right columns, add texture and color, and you’re on your way to creating serious curb appeal.

S&L Spindles offers four styles of an eight-foot long wooden porch column: the Victorian Porch Post, Colonial Porch Post, Plain Porch and Gazebo Post (pictured left to right). Each are designed to support the weight of a porch roof. All four styles are available in pressure treated pine that’s been kiln dried after treatment or in Western Red Cedar.

Add Architectural Details with Porch Columns

Consider blending the existing elements of your home with your porch columns for a safe and pleasing design. Porch columns are an architectural detail that is a major expression of the building’s style.  Make sure columns are the right proportions for your porch and that the shadow lines are crisp when you install them.

The Colonial porch post complements:

  • Cape Cods
  • Colonials
  • Farmhouses
  • Italianates 
  • Prairies
  • Ranches
The Colonial porch post helps define a comfortable place to pause and relax. Add Colonial Porch posts to your home.   

Plain Porch posts look great on:

  • Art deco homes
  • Contemporary lodges
  • Cottages
  • Craftsmen-style homes
  • Dutch Colonials
  • Federal Colonials 
  • Greek Revivals 
  • Mid-Century Moderns 
  • Moderns
  • Spanish-style abodes
  • Townhouses 
  • Tudors
Eight-foot-long plain posts support a roof’s weight and add a simple embellishment to the home. Get plain posts for your next project.

Gazebo Posts work well on:

  • Farmhouses
  • French Country 
  • Georgian Colonials
  • Ranches

Gazebo posts add an elegant but comfortable style to your front porch. Enhance your front porch now. 

Victorian Porch posts look exceptional on:

  • Farmhouses
  • Italianates
  • Mediterranean homes
  • Neoclassicals 
  • Ranches
  • Victorians 
Victorian posts evoke the look of a dollhouse with more elaborate trimmings. Get your posts here.
If you’re interested in restoring a porch to transform your home’s exterior, remember, it is more cost effective to go with higher quality materials and then add a penetrating semi-transparent stain, water repellant sealer, or paint as a finish.
By choosing the right type of durable wood and finding a column that looks great with your existing architecture, you’ll get compliments from your neighbors and have a porch that mimics historic models.