Jim O'Brien - Montclair, NJ

After we bought our 1908 Colonial Revival, though we liked the porch, over time we grew tired of the wood installed by the previous owner. He had done a quick, cheap, cosmetic fix to the porch, which did not give it a period correct appearance. The spindles that had been installed were tooth-pick thin obtained from a big box store, and the railings provided weak support--you couldn't even sit on them. We decided to do a complete overhaul to return the porch to its turn of century appearance--or at least as close to one as possible. I researched the matter and looked far and wide on the Internet and found that the prices offered for porch wood of good quality (such as cedar) at most websites were disappointingly very high. I eventually stumbled across S&L Spindles' website and was pleased by what they offered, their reasonable prices, and the level of customer satisfaction that I found (based on the customer testimonials). It made our porch project affordable. I called Ben, who was a great help and very flexible. He even advised me that S&L Spindles could accommodate my need for a spindle that was shorter than that offered by the website. He also accommodated my request to order a lattice strip (a strip of wood that fits between the railing and spindle) that was thicker than usual--in order to give the railings a thicker appearance. We decided to go with 4X4 Patriot Spindles, 2X6" Deluxe Hand Rails, 2X4" New England Hand Rails (for the bottom rail) and 6X6 Colonial Deck Posts, all in Red Western Cedar. Ordering went smoothly, and Ben made sure that the products were delivered promptly. The look of the spindles and railings on our newly updated porch is beautiful, restores it to its former glory, and we're 100% satisfied with everything we ordered. The finished product went beyond our expectations, and the porch is now our favorite place to hang out and the crowning jewel of our home. It now looks like it could be a candidate for photo in This Old House magazine. Our neighbors have expressed their admiration for it and random passersby's favorably comment on the porch to us. Thank you S&L Spindles and Ben.
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Jim O'Brien
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Montclair, NJ
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