Wayne & Karen Sanderson - Lexington, KY

I worked with Mel on a very large project and it turned out perfect! Our farmhouse has a wraparound porch and the existing spindles and bottom rails were completely rotting away. We could pull most of the old spindles off the top rail by hand. We purchased 350 spindles and bottom railing to attach all of them to and once that was built and painted, they were all attached to the existing top railings. I assume you will choose a couple to use if our project wins the contest. Please accept our thanks for all your help in bringing this project to completion. Everyone that has seen this cannot believe the quality of the spindles/railings and I have certainly given them your name and website information.
Customer Name: 
Wayne & Karen Sanderson
Customer Location: 
Lexington, KY
Front porch with white columns and 3x3 spindle railing - Lexington, KY
Large white house with railing - Lexington, KY
Front porch with white railing
Porch with white railing and dark wood floors
3x3 spindles being installed
Finished white railing with 3x3 spindles