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Customer Projects

Cedar Spindles in Montclair, NJ4x4 Cedar Spindles in Montclair, NJCedar Porch Post in Montclair, NJCedar Railing in Montclair, NJ
After we bought our 1908 Colonial Revival, though we liked the porch, over time we grew tired of the wood installed by the previous owner. He had done a quick, cheap, cosmetic fix to the porch, which did not give it a period correct appearance. The spindles that had been installed were tooth-pick thin obtained from a big box store, and the railings provided weak support--you couldn't even sit on them. We decided to do a complete overhaul to return the porch to its turn of century appearance--or at least as close to one as possible. I researched the matter and looked far and wide on the Internet and found that the prices offered for porch wood of good quality (such as cedar) at most websites were disappointingly very high. I eventually stumbled across S&L Spindles' website and was pleased by what they offered, their reasonable prices, and the level of customer satisfaction that I found (based on the customer testimonials). It made our porch project affordable. I called Ben, who was a great help and very flexible. He even advised me that S&L Spindles could accommodate my need for a spindle that was shorter than that offered by the website. He also accommodated my request to order a lattice strip (a strip of wood that fits between the railing and spindle) that was thicker than usual--in order to give the railings a thicker appearance. We decided to go with 4X4 Patriot Spindles, 2X6" Deluxe Hand Rails, 2X4" New England Hand Rails (for the bottom rail) and 6X6 Colonial Deck Posts, all in Red Western Cedar. Ordering went smoothly, and Ben made sure that the products were delivered promptly. The look of the spindles and railings on our newly updated porch is beautiful, restores it to its former glory, and we're 100% satisfied with everything we ordered. The finished product went beyond our expectations, and the porch is now our favorite place to hang out and the crowning jewel of our home. It now looks like it could be a candidate for photo in This Old House magazine. Our neighbors have expressed their admiration for it and random passersby's favorably comment on the porch to us. Thank you S&L Spindles and Ben.
Jim O'Brien
Montclair, NJ
See the products we used: Patriot Spindle 4 x 4
Spindles, Posts, Handrails Installed in Middletown, OH Spindles, Posts, Handrails Installed in Middletown, OH Spindles, Posts, Handrails Installed in Middletown, OH Spindles, Posts, Handrails Installed in Middletown, OH Spindles, Posts, Handrails Installed in Middletown, OH
I used S&L spindles, posts, handrails, caps and trim skirts to complete my outdoor stairway project.  I couldn't be happier with the quality of all materials and service that Benjamin gave me. The quality was top notch, which made painting and staining everything a breeze. I will be rebuilding all the existing handrail banisters on two of our decks with the same materials. Thank you S&L Spindles for a great product.
Kent Keller Sr.
Middletown, Ohio
See the products we used: Plain Deck Post 6 x 6
3 x 3 Wood Deck Spindle Buffalo NY3 x 3 Wood Deck Spindle Buffalo NY3 x 3 Wood Deck Spindle Buffalo NY3 x 3 Wood Deck Spindle Buffalo NY3 x 3 Wood Deck Spindle Buffalo NY
It was time to sell the large family home where we've lived for over 60 years in Buffalo, NY. Decades ago, my dad replaced the original porch railings with "decorative" cement block. In preparation for sale, I decided to return the front of the house to its original beauty so I ordered 24" 3 x 3 Pressure Treated Champion Spindles from S&L. I am thoroughly pleased with the result. I needed to be able to paint immediately, so I appreciated the fact that the pressure treated spindles come pre-dried and ready to paint. I ordered a few more spindles than I actually needed, assuming that a certain percentage of poor quality spindles would come with the order. Well, the extras are in the basement on a shelf, unneeded, since the quality of every spindle was first rate! This is an excellent, affordable product that arrived quickly and was very well packaged. I give it my highest recommendation.
Neal Radice
Buffalo, NY
See the products we used: Champion Spindle 3 x 3
Wooden Deck Spindles and Post Installed in West VirginiaColonial 6 x 6 Porch Post2 x 3 Wood Spindles with 2 x 6 top and bottom rails2 x 3 Wood Spindles with 2 x 6 top and bottom rails
I've used S&L Spindles twice now and each time I get great quality, excellent service, and fast shipping. The wood looks almost too good to use outside, coming from a X custom cabinet builder. Would highly recommend!!!
John Ruckman
McMechen, WV
See the products we used: Colonial Porch Post 6 x 6
Deck Spindles installed in MassachusettsDeck Spindles installed in Massachusetts
Thanks Ben. You were a great help in the ordering process which is not always easy to do via the phone. The full order was in inventory and was delivered to my house in two business days which was much appreciated. The condition and quality of the product was fantastic. Rails being notched made it a quick install. Both porches were done in a day with a 2 man team. We are very pleased with the results and will highly recommend your company.
John Kineavy
Somerset, MA
See the products we used: Victorian Porch Post 6 x 6
Wood deck with metal railings installed by Lykens Valley Contractors.Wood deck with metal railings installed by Lykens Valley Contractors.
The customer’s goal was to create an outdoor area for their immediate family and her elderly friends at the nursing facility where she worked, while also adding great character to their home. To the customers delight, with S&L’s outstanding service and premium quality products, we were able to find the perfect fit. Elmer, Lykens Valley Contractors.
Lykens Valley Contractors
Millersburg, PA
See the products we used: Plain Deck Post 4 x 4
Pressure Treated Lamp Post Shown InstalledPressure Treated Lamp Post Shown Installed
I am very pleased with my new lamp post. After searching all of the big box stores and local lumber stores in my area and not being able to find a good product, I turned to the internet and found your website. I ordered your pressure treated post and it arrived a few days later. The quality is superior and the price was better than others of lesser quality which made the shipping easily affordable. Thanks for a great product!
Rob Farwell
Scarborough, Maine
See the products we used: Exquisite Lamp Post 6 x 6
Porch railing w/ white balusters in Needham, MAPorch railing wide w/ white balusters in Needham, MASide of house and porch w/ white balusters in Needham, MACorner railing on porch w/ white balusters in Needham, MA
I needed to replace the front porch balustrades on our 1894 Victorian home with architecturally authentic period spindles and rails. The existing balustrades were non-period, plain 2x2 sticks that detracted from the overall architecture of the house. I chose the Vintage Design 3x3 Spindles – architecturally similar to Victorian style. The actual dimension of the 3x3 spindle is 2x2. I spaced the spindles 2” apart, replicating the Victorian porch design. I used the Deluxe Handrails – Though not really original Victorian design, I was able to achieve the look by combining a 6” Deluxe handrail for the top rail and the 4” Deluxe handrail on the bottom provided a visually pleasing, vintage style. To provide a more balanced appearance, I added a 1x4 pine board between the top rail and the spindles. The Best Deck Railing Products Company is a hidden treasure in Millersburg, PA. I searched online for months for Victorian style spindles and found nothing under $22/spindle until I located Best Deck. At prices ranging from $1.30 - $3.30 /spindle, recreating the Victorian look was affordable. Materials cost about $450 for 110 spindles plus top and bottom rails. Shipping brought the total to $600 compared to the $3000 from every other site I researched. Best Deck Railing Products Company materials are of the highest quality – uniform, exact to specs, no flaws. The customer service and sales team were extremely helpful. The order was processed and delivered within 4 business days. This company is the genuine thing.
Bob Z
Needham, MA
See the products we used: Vintage Spindle 3 x 3
Large natural wood finished deckDeck and stairs with short Victorian spindlesLarge deck walkwayDeck and stairs with railings
I am sending you pictures of my latest deck project. The short Victorian spindles you send me were awesome. The quality was the best I have ever seen in such spindles. I was unable to find spindles that would even come close to yours at any of the local lumberyards. Your spindles put a very nice finishing touch to the project. When you take a look at the pictures I think you will agree. Thank you all for your help and very quick service. I plan to use your products as much as I can in the future.
See the products we used: Visit All Products
Large deck with 4x4 Spindles
I want to thank you so much for all of your help with my deck project! The 4x4, 30", Empire Design Spindles with square bevel in cedar are magnificent! I have had so many people stop as they were passing by to admire the spindles. They really finished off the house nicely, and I give all of the credit to S&L Spindles. You should be very proud of the work you send out. Again, thanks for all of your patience and help when ordering. I couldn't have asked for a better experience.
See the products we used: Empire Spindle 4 x 4
Walkway leading to porch with natural wood balustersHome entry with enclosed front porch, railing, natural wood balusters
We really like the updated look of our porch.
See the products we used: Dixie Spindle 3 x 3
Yellow house w/ porch and 4 x 4 spindle railing in Memphis, TN
I'm in the processing of painting and making this look better but I couldn't be happier. I ordered your 4x4 spindles and rails. I used the treated lumber rails on the bottom and stained your cedar rails on the top. It's looking great! Thanks so much. It's been a pleasure using your products. I am very pleased!
Betsy Sanders
See the products we used: Patriot Spindle 4 x 4
White picket fence in yard in New Britain, PAWhite picket fence in New Britain, PA
We are very pleased with the transformation of our home using your products. We rebuild the lattice using your 3/8ths lattice strips; added hand rail for our entire porch railing; rebuilt the front steps using your pre-cut stair stringers, balusters, deck posts & hand rails. And then constructed our fence using your grade stacks, gothic pickets, 1x4's and post caps & finials. We have received many compliments from both neighbors and borough officials. Thanks again, we couldn't have done it without such quality products.
Molly & Bob Hower
New Britain, Pennsylvania
See the products we used: Keystone Gothic Pickets 1 x 4
Wooden Deck Spindles and Post Installed in MaineWooden Deck Spindles and Post Installed in MaineWooden Deck Spindles and Post Installed in Maine
Here are a few pictures from my finished porch and deck project. Thanks for all your help.
Dave Adams
See the products we used: Country Spindle 2 x 3
Porch with natural wood balustersPorch with natural wood balusters and stairs
Hi. Here are some pics of my deck with your spindles. Very happy. Thank you.
John Templeton
University Place, Washington
See the products we used: Country Spindle 2 x 3
Porch with white 3x3 spindles in PennsylvaniaPorch with white 3x3 spindles in PennsylvaniaPorch in Pennsylvania before adding new railing w/ 3x3 spindlesNew railing on porch in Pennsylvania
Here are some photos of the porch after S&L Spindle goodies...quite a difference, don't you think?!!
Roger & Donna Fetter
See the products we used: Plain Spindle 3 x 3
Front porch with white columns and 3x3 spindle railing - Lexington, KYLarge white house with railing - Lexington, KYFront porch with white railingPorch with white railing and dark wood floors3x3 spindles being installedFinished white railing with 3x3 spindles
I worked with Mel on a very large project and it turned out perfect! Our farmhouse has a wraparound porch and the existing spindles and bottom rails were completely rotting away. We could pull most of the old spindles off the top rail by hand. We purchased 350 spindles and bottom railing to attach all of them to and once that was built and painted, they were all attached to the existing top railings. I assume you will choose a couple to use if our project wins the contest. Please accept our thanks for all your help in bringing this project to completion. Everyone that has seen this cannot believe the quality of the spindles/railings and I have certainly given them your name and website information.
Wayne & Karen Sanderson
Lexington, KY
See the products we used: Sierra Spindle 3 x 3
Finished porch with 2x2 Spindles in Columbus, GA2x2 Spindles being installed in Columbus, GA
My wife came across the product and it was our first time purchasing wood products online. With my surprise, I was stunned of the high quality of the spindles. Not one product that had to be returned. This company is definitely a keeper. I have a historic house built In 1875. The back porch was added to the structure sometime later. I've looked for an enhancement to match up the historic portion of the house with the back porch and we found these spindles. Since I do everything myself, I right away started to plan. It took several days but the result is not bad at all. Thank you guys for the spindles...
Dennis Stahl
Columbus, Georgia
See the products we used: Classic Design Spindles 2 x 2
Small fence with gothic post caps in TexasBack of white fence in TexasWhite Fence with plants in front in TexasWhite fence with gothic post caps in Texas
Hi Ben, Here is a picture of the second project. We built a railing to enhance the deck and to match the fencing. This is a major project – it includes all the houses but 2 on this block. We are coordinating these with fences as we redo them. Hope you like what we have done.
Renee Hailey
See the products we used: Gothic Pickets 2 x 2
Natural wood colored porch in MarylandRailing from S&L Spindles in MarylandDeck with natural wood coloring in Maryland
Thank you Mel and Benjamin for all the support and assistance on our GreenCasaMaryland sustainable home proj ect.
Green Casa Maryland
See the products we used: Plain Spindle 2 x 2