Base Trim Installation

Base trim is installed at the bottom of a deck post or porch post, usually covering the gap between the post and the deck boards. 

To learn how to install base trim, view our installation video below, or keep reading for written instructions.

Our base trim is available to match any size or style of our deck post or porch post. You can get our base trim pre-assembled, un-assembled, or even in longer lengths. It can be installed before or after deck post is installed.


Determine Sizing

The size of the base trim corresponds with the size of the deck posts. For example, if you have 4x4 deck posts, use 4x4 base trim. Place the two pieces of base trim around the deck post to make sure it fits before attaching it.

Attach Base Trim

The installation process for base trim is fairly straightforward. To install base trim after the deck post is already in place, order a two-piece base trim, and attach both halves to the post with a heavy-duty construction adhesive and/or nails.