Deck Posts Installation

Installation Video

In this tutorial we’ll be showing you how to install the 4 x 4 Classic Deck Post. Be sure to check out the size chart and study up on actual size vs nominal size.


Tools: Miter Saw, Cordless Screwdriver, Tape Measure

Hardware: 9 x 3-1/4-Inch Flat Head Square Drive Deck Screws

Material: 6 - 4 x 4 Posts


Determining the Deck Posts Length

I like to begin by laying out all the components needed for the rail section. I find this easier than measuring and doing the math. The objective here is to determine the deck post length based on the railing height.


This is showing the top section. 3” is an ideal number for the top and bottom.

3” on the top, top handrail, lattice strip, 32” spindle, bottom handrail, 3” bottom gap, deck board, and the joist. For this project the measurement was 48 ¼”. Let’s make it 48” even because we really don’t want the post showing past the bottom of the joist.


Cutting the Posts.

Save time by laying the post in a similar fashion then cut them one by one on the miter saw. 


Installing the Posts

The method we’re using, I’m simply going to lay the post in the corner and screw from the outside of the joist into the post. Compared to notching the post, this results in better structural stability. Local building codes can play a factor in notching the post. Be sure to check if you have any doubt.



Deck Boards

After all the posts are in, we’re ready for deck boards. At this point, we’re not going to fasten the boards the the joist. The reason we’re only going to lay them on top is so we can remove them for the stain.