Fence Post Installation

Our fence posts are made with treated ground contact, so they can be in contact with the ground without rotting quickly. 

Below, we’ll outline some steps for installing fence posts.

How to Install a Fence Post

The first step in installing a fence post is to dig a hole about 2 feet deep. Then, insert the fence post and dump in one bag of concrete (we use Sakrete brand). Next, fill the hole with dirt and firmly pack it to keep the post set. Repeat this process for all of your fence posts.

Once you have your posts in the ground, it’s time to start building your fence. First, run a crossmember from post to post. This is usually a 1x4 or 2x4, depending on the height you plan on making the fence. We advise starting your screws or nails on the crossmember side. That way, the screws will be hidden on the picket side.

Additional Tips

  • When using Sakrete concrete, no water is necessary. Simply wait until the next time it rains, and the concrete will set as a solid once it dries. 
  • When deciding on a height for your fence, think about its purpose. Is it going to be a garden fence or a privacy fence? Naturally, you will need longer pickets for a privacy fence, so plan accordingly.
  • Since our fence posts are machine after-treated, you are able to paint or stain them right after installation.

Feel free to contact us with any additional questions about fence post installation.