Handrails & Lattices Installation

In this tutorial we’ll be showing you how to install the 2 x 4 Deluxe Handrail, but the process should be the same for all types of handrails.

View our installation video below, or read on for instructions.


Supplies Needed: 
3-1/4 Inch Flat Head Square Drive Deck Screws
2 x 4 Handrails
Lattice Strip
Tools Needed: 
Miter Saw
Cordless Screwdriver
Tape Measure
Attach Lattice Strip

Our system is designed so that there won't be any screw holes going down through the top of the handrail. This is possible with the help of the lattice strip. 

The first step is to fasten the lattice strip to the spindles. Simply lay the lattice strip on top of the spindles, and attach it using screws and/or staples.

Attach Top Handrail

Next, place the handrail on top of the attached lattice strip. The lattice strip should fit snugly into the groove of the railing. Staple or screw the handrail onto the lattice strip from the bottom up. Be sure to do this at an angle so the hardware doesn’t poke through the top of the handrail.

Repeat for Bottom Handrail

For the bottom handrail, repeat the same process as you did for the top railing. However, you do not need a lattice strip for the bottom railing. Place the handrail on the bottom side of the spindles, and screw it into place from the bottom up.

Note: While there isn’t a difference between the top handrail and the bottom handrail, we recommend assembling the bottom section with the groove facing down.

Install Support

To prevent the handrail section from sagging after a few years, place a wooden support at the bottom. We recommend using at least one support per 8-foot section underneath the bottom handrail between the handrail and the deck.