Install Base Trim

The base trim is installed at the bottom of a deck post or porch post, usually covering the gap between the post and the decking. Our base trim is available to match any size or style of our deck post or porch post. You can get our base trim pre-assembled, un-assembled, or even in longer lengths and can be installed before or after deck post is installed.

How do I know exactly what base trim I need?

Here's an example; for 4 x 4 cedar deck posts, use 4 x 4 cedar base trim. You can also match the profiles with the post caps.

Can I install Base Trim after the Post is installed?

Yes, absolutely. If you notice, the default state for base trim is 1 solid piece. Two piece trim is simply two halves and can be installed after the post in already in place. To order two piece base trim, simply choose the options before you add the base trim to the shopping cart.