Install Fences

Our fence post is made with treated ground contact so it can be in contact with the ground without rotting quickly.  Customers have asked us, "How Deep Should I go for a fence post or lamp post?"  When selecting fence posts or lamp posts, make sure you get something this treated for ground contact as you will be going about 2 feet deep.


How to Install a Fence Post ( or Lamp Post):

  1. Dig a hole 2 feet deep
  2. Put the Fence post in. 
  3. Put in one bag of Secrete brand concrete (we like it because it doesn’t get hard until you mix it with water)
  4. Fill it with dirt.   You don't add water.  The next time it rains it will make the concrete wet and the Secrete will set as a concrete.  So firmly pack the dirt- especially the top- to keep the post set.   How to Install a Lamp Post:  Since this something for your front yard, you could follow the directions above for a Fence Post or a second choice would be to totally fill up the whole with concrete.


What's Next?

Now that you have the post in the ground, you are ready to make fence! When making your fence, keep in mind that you will be able to paint or stain it immediatly after installing it. This is because the pickets are "machined after treatment". Run a cross member from post to post. This is usually a 1X4 or 2X4, depending on the height you are going to make fence. We also recommend starting your screws or nails on the cross member side. Doing so will hide the screw head on the picket side. How high do I make a fence? The biggest question you want ask yourself is; Is my fence going be a privacy fence or a garden fence? This should be a simple decision. For a privacy fence you may want to consider 6ft. or 8ft. Pickets.  They can also be cut to a lenth of your choice simply by cutting the bottem of the picket.



Our pressure treated and western red cedar porch pickets are available in two different style, Gothic and V-Groove.

Picket Fence Design: The most popular is the French Gothic Top- you will see this all over.  If you are looking for something different, check out our Rustic V Groove Picket Fence Design.  Something we've rarely seen.

How to Build a Picket Advice: 

We recommend using our Picket Fence Boards to make a picket fence or use it as a privacy fence by placing the boards against each other.  We also recommend when building a 6 or 8 foot picket or privacy fence, we advise you use 3 supports (3 2x4's- one top, one the middle on one bottom).

Patterns for Picket Fences:

If you want the old barn board look, you can use our 1/3 inch lattice strips and put them on the crack between the boards.  We think that would like kind of cool.


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