Install Porch Posts

Our Porch Posts are not your basic run of the mill porch post.  Our are made from vertical grain lumber -no hardwood- so it does not warp and twist or bow or split easily.  It's a very stable piece of wood. So if you are in the market for replacing porch posts, check ours out as they have very few knots.   Our porch posts have 3 different styles of turning, eased edges on the corners and kiln dried after treatment.

Installing Porch Posts

We suggest a plastic or metal spacer (to put on the porch floor) then place your post on this spacer.  This way you won't have water laying on the bottom of your wooden porch post and its less likely to rot.  


How to cut a 4x4 or 6x6 post. 

Cutting 4x4 wood post can be done with most saws. A miter saw, circular saw, chain saw, or even a sawzall. Either way will work. The miter saw will probably give a cleaner, more square cut. In either case, unless you have a honkin' big saw, you will have to rotate the 4x4 post to complete the cut. I have cut 4x4s by cutting across to the maximum depth with a circular saw, then turning the 4x4 post 90 degrees.  Place circular saw so that blade enters the cut that was made, and make the next cut. Turn another 90 degrees, do the same.  The cut isn't perfectly clean but it's pretty good; clean it up with a rasp if you need an absolutely flat cut.