Porch Post Installation

Learn how to install porch posts by reading our instruction guide below.

Before beginning installation, we suggest putting a plastic or metal spacer on the porch floor, and then placing your post on top of this spacer. This way, the bottom of your porch post won’t be directly exposed to water, and it will be less likely to rot


Measure and Cut

The first step in porch post installation is to measure the porch opening where the post is to be located. In most cases, you’ll have to cut the post to length. This can be done with a miter saw, circular saw, chainsaw, or even a sawzall. 

Unless you have a large saw, you’ll have to rotate the post to complete the cut. We recommend cutting across to maximum depth with a circular saw, then turning the post 90 degrees. Place the saw so that the blade enters the cut that was made, then made the next cut. Turn the post another 90 degrees, then do the same. 

Put in Place and Secure

Once your porch post is cut, slip the posts into the porch opening. Then, secure the post to the deck and beam, making sure that it’s level.