Post Cap & Finial Installation

Post caps and finials add the perfect finishing touch to the top of your deck railing. To learn how to install them, keep reading, or check out our installation videos below.


Final Installation (Caps With a Screw Stem)

Installing a finial is simple and requires few tools other than a drill: 

  1. Determine the exact center of the deck post and mark it with a pencil
  2. Pre-drill a 3/16” hole
  3. Screw the finial into the hole until tight

Post Cap Installation

Since post caps are flat, installing them is also very simple:

  1. Place the cap on the post to make sure it fits the post and that it’s level. You can either choose to eyeball the placement, or measure it to be more exact.
  2. If the post cap doesn’t fit or isn’t level, either cut the post to make it square, or sand it down to level it out.
  3. To attach the post cap, you can either glue it to the post with a heavy-duty adhesive, or staple it to the post with a finish nail or some sort of brad nail or staple. You can do both for extra security.

If you have additional questions about how to install post caps or finials, feel free to contact us.